Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth Most of our patients at Nowlin Orthodontics want straight teeth for cosmetic and appearance reasons. This is certainly understandable. Your smile is the first thing that people notice and it is your best accessory! We love to provide our patients with that beautiful smile, but we also know that

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Sports and Braces

“Can I play sports with braces on my teeth?” is one of the most common questions we get here in the office. Our community that we live and work in is full of athletes and we love supporting all our local teams. We would never want braces to get in the way of your athletic

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cleaning your retainer

Cleaning Your Retainer: Do’s and Don’ts

Retainers are given to a patient after receiving orthodontic care. Retainers are common but some people are not knowledgeable on how to keep a retainer clean. It is important to keep it clean because of tartar build up. This plastic sits on your teeth for long periods of time so it if it not clean

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How to Keep Your Teeth White with Braces

Keeping your teeth white with braces is no easy task! Here are a couple tricks to keeping your teeth sparkling white even with braces! 1) Brushing No surprises here, right? Brushing removes plaque, and use of a whitening toothpaste even goes further to keeping those pearly whites … well white. Brush after every meal so

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summer, vacation

Vacation with Braces

Having braces requires time and effort for cleaning and making sure they do not break. Make sure that you are prepared for your vacation by having all the right equipment.   We have put a list together of things to have with you always when going out of town. Toothpicks or Floss-picks Travel Size Mouthwash:

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Cleaning Your Braces

Six ways to ensure your teeth stay clean even with braces!   1. Be Prepared – Making sure you have the right utensils to brush after each meal is extremely important. Pack your tools in a little bag and keep them in your purse, car or backpack!   2. Have the Right Tools – If

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The Best Age for Braces

People of all ages need braces! The BEST time to get braces is when your permanent teeth begin to come in.  This age differs for everyone but it is usually between the ages of seven and ten. Even if you feel like it is too early to bring your child in, scheduling a consult will

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Braces vs. Invisalign

If you are considering braces vs Invisalign for your teeth, or your child’s teeth, you likely have lots of questions like: Which is more effective? Which will cost more/less? Ultimately, you want to choose the treatment that will do the job best, even it it’s slightly more expensive. You only want to fix your teeth

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Moms and Dads: Straighten Your Teeth With a Braces Dentist

In our braces dentist office, we treat adults and children. Parents tend to put their children first, even when it comes to things like improving their smile. Whether the children need new pairs of shoes or orthodontics work, many parents are more apt to consider their children’s needs than the needs of their own. We are

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